The measures we are taking to address Covid-19

You may have questions about the safety of going on vacation during this uncertain period. It’s understandable. We want to assure you that Castello di Montalto is well prepared to welcome you in the safest way possible and is proactively taking measures to minimize any risk during your stay with us. 

These are the steps we are taking to provide the safest possible environment for our guests and staff and ensure your holiday at Castello di Montalto is worry-free:



  • Check-in times scheduled to minimize overlap of guests from different family groups.

  • Check-in desk positioned outdoors for increased airflow

  • Compulsory temperature measurement for all guests

  • Declaration required by the head of each family nucleus, stating that nobody in the group has or recently had any symptoms or has been in contact with an infected person

  • Any guest with a temperature above 37.5°C or who experiences flu symptoms, whether at check-in or at any time during the stay, will be required to leave the premises along with the other parties in their household.



  • All accommodations are kept unoccupied for a minimum of 48 hours between reservations

  • Each house or apartment remains closed for 24 hours after guests depart, after which it is thoroughly cleaned before the arrival of new guests

  • Sheets, bedspreads, sofa covers and tablecloths are changed and thoroughly washed and disinfected in between guests

  • Pots, pans, dishes and glassware are thoroughly washed and disinfected after each group’s departure

  • All contact surfaces are disinfected

  • All cleaning is done with disposable cloths that are used exclusively for one apartment and discarded after cleaning is complete.

  • House keys are disinfected and pre-packaged for the next guests.


Common areas

  • Ping pong, breakfast room, TV room and common area bathrooms are closed for the season (the only common bathroom that remains open is at the swimming pool)

  • Guests are requested to wear a face mask in common areas when other guests are present


Swimming Pool

  • Water chlorination levels are checked twice a day

  • Chairs, loungers and tables are disinfected twice a day

  • Disinfectants and disposable cloths are provided for guests to clean independently as well, if desired

  • The bathroom is cleaned and disinfected twice a day


Our Staff

  • Each staff member has their temperature checked and logged every morning, and is not allowed to work if they exhibit any flu-like symptoms

  • Staff are required to wear face masks

  • Covid-19 serum (blood) tests are performed at set dates


Breakfast Service

  • The breakfast buffet in the common breakfast room is not available this year. Breakfast service, for those who choose it, will be delivered to the individual house or apartment.

  • All tableware is disposable




We are committed to our guests’ and staff health, and keep monitoring the guidelines of Italy’s national health authorities and our regional health offices to make sure we are up to date on all advisable precautionary measures.